The Writers
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Louanne Murphy
Emma Simmons
meet emma

Hi, I'm Emma! I am a proud Co-Owner of Heart's Content. I am a huge nerd, ranging from superheroes to space to science. If you're into Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Tron, Stranger Things, the Multiverse, or anything with dimensions and time travel you've come to the right person. I'm into a little bit of everything else, except horror (I'm a huge scaredy cat).

I'm usually busy searching for the new crazy theory to explore or attending a Comic-Con. I adore cosplaying and the creativity and freedom it comes with. As a daughter of Poseidon, a Slytherin, and an Avenger, I welcome you to Heart's Content.

At Heart's Content, we are all about the wild ideas and imaginative creations people think up. There are no wrong theories here and everyone deserves to have a voice. Whether you're new to a group or have been there since the beginning, you are all appreciated here. Together, let's explore all the world and beyond has to offer and create something extraordinary.
meet louanne

Hi, I'm Louanne, of the proud Co-Owners of Heart's Content. Fantasy is my life - I'm a writer, artist, and geek/nerd extraordinaire. If you're into D&D, LOTR, Harry Potter, or any fantastical realm, then we're going to get along just fine. I am definitely guilty of choosing Wattpad over sleep on more than one occasion, but who needs sleep when you can get lost in a book?​

You can always find me over in the far corner of any Barnes and Noble. You'll know it's me when you see the towering stack of books and a hot chocolate or coffee in hand. As a Daughter of Hades, a member of Slytherin and the Night Court, and a Rogue, I welcome you to Heart's Content.

At Heart's Content, we're all about embracing our inner geek and letting our imaginations run wild. Whether it's through our art, writing, or other creative projects, we're always striving to bring a touch of magic to the world. So if you're a fellow fantasy fanatic, come on over and join us in our quest for adventure and enchantment. Together, we'll explore new worlds, battle mythical creatures, and create something truly extraordinary.