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"Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3: A Review"

Spoiler Alert: Do not proceed if you do not want spoilers for the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 movie.

If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 and ignored the spoiler warning, here is your final chance to turn back now, because we are going to be diving into anything and everything we can think of with this movie. From the cinematography to the plot itself, we’re leaving nothing out. This movie was made to rock fans to their core, both in a good way and a heartbreaking way. From the lighthearted family moments to Rocket’s devastating backstory, there was so much plot and it was so well done.

To start, let me summarize the plot for anyone who needs a refresher. The movie begins on Nowhere, where the Guardians have set up a home. One night, Adam Warlock, under the control of Ayesha, the high priestess and his mom, and the High Evolutionary, goes to Nowhere with the intention of capturing Rocket and bringing him to the High Evolutionary. While he doesn’t take Rocket, he nearly kills him, and the main plot turns into the Guardians going to find the only way to save him. They only get as far as they do with the help of Gamora, who has been in contact with Nebula in secret and is currently a Ravager. Remember this is the Gamora that came from 2014 in Avenger’s Endgame. This zany series of events leads them to Counter-Earth created by the High Evolutionary where animals were mutated to the “next level of evolution”. This story ends with nobody dying and some even going their separate ways from the Guardians team.

Favorite Part of the Movie:

My favorite part of this entire movie was the end when everyone was hugging. It seems so small but it is the last hug the guardians share before they all split off. It holds so much emotion and shows that anyone can be a guardian, because even Adam was in on all that love. It may sounds cheesy, but I love when movies include those tender moments to show that, at the end of the day, they feel just as much as everyone else, even if they can’t show it all the time. This hug shows that they are all truly a family, and I am in agony knowing we’ll never see them all together on screen again and that the found family split off in the end.

Most Heartbreaking Part:

Literally the entire movie. Just kidding. Kind of. If I did have to pick a really painful part, it would be when Lylla, Floor, and Teefs die. Rocket’s scream reverberates through your entire being and really makes you feel for him. Bradley Cooper put his entire soul into making the most heart-wrenching noise in the entire MCU. Since we don’t see Rocket show a lot of emotion, this added another layer to his personality and made him a more dynamic character to watch on screen.

Best Plot Point:

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Most Surprising Part of the Movie:

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Funniest Scene:

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What I Wish Was Done:

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Best Technical Point:

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